Cyber Security

End Point and Infrastructure Security

Our #1 priority is to ensure your IT infrastructure remains operational, compliant and risk free. IT threats are vast, ever changing and don’t discriminate between businesses. We are highly active and offer superb services in the IT security space.

Infrastructure Security
With over 20 years of IT experience, we are very accustomed and have developed vast amounts of security knowledge. Our security team can work onsite and offsite to secure and administer endpoints, antivirus, e-mail filtering and firewalls.

Data Protection
Your data is the backbone of your company and we will ensure it remains safe and protected. Allow us to implement protection measures to guard what’s key to your business.

Application Security
Your applications must be secure within your environment. Allow us to ensure that correct policies and procedures are in place to secure your environment.

Risk Assessment
Many risks exist and often go unnoticed. Allow us to perform a risk assessment of your environment so we can determine any security issues or improvements.

Building Management System
Building management is always a key security feature that is often overlooked. Allow us to ensure that your physical premise is secure and monitored.