IT Support & Helpdesk

Our team of qualified technicians and engineers deliver real-time Remote and On-Site IT Support across all areas of Melbourne. Our main objective is to identify the real root cause, fix the issue while preventing any recurring problems.

Need Technical Support?

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03 8594 3611

AFTER HOURS Emergency Support

We understand the importance of keeping YOUR organisation fully operational. That’s why we’re here for you 24/7.
In the case of emergency support after hours, call 03 8594 3611.

Technical Support Delivered


Most IT issues are easily resolved without having a technician visit you on-site.

Through a secure connection, our help desk team are able to access your devices remotely diagnosing and fixing your issues on the spot.

Our service doesn’t stop there. We strive to ensure you don’t experience recurring problems by making appropriate IT recommendations.

The help desk team can resolve many issues via remote connection including:

Software and security issues/update
Email issues/updates
Printer and scanner issues
Backup and maintenance support
Virus and malware removal
Modem and network issues


There will be certain circumstances when IT issues cannot be resolved remotely and will require an on-site visit to fix the problem.

We provide rapid on-site support ensuring your business remains proactive with minimal downtime. We’ll keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly, preventing those unexpected IT issues. Scheduled systems maintenance and similar services require on-site visits.

There are many services that require on-site visits including:

System maintenance
Hardware support / repairs
IT systems audit
Communications maintenance
Consulting and risk management
Printer errors / configuration

Helpdesk Placement

Don’t waste precious time and resources with employees attempting to fix those niggling IT issues. Imagine having access to your very own in-house help desk team; IT support in an instant!

For a set monthly fee, leverage a Supasonic help desk team who will be there to manage and support your IT whenever you need it. Our technicians are qualified, experienced and love what they do!

The many benefits of having your own help desk team on hand:

Responsive IT support
Reduced downtime
Increased work productivity
No unpredictable spending
Onsite professional IT support
Productive IT infrastructure

Easy Billing Options, No Lock In Contracts

Supasonic is an expert in technical support services and understand the importance of business continuity. We understand not every business is the same and therefore their IT requirements can vary significantly.  Our variety of billing options gives businesses the opportunity to stay on top of their IT infrastructure with technical support always on hand. Depending on your circumstances, our billing options include:


On demand technical support and services including materials charged out at the current rate.

Block Hours

Prepaid technical support in increments of 10, 20 and 50 hours, completely flexible and contract free.

Managed Service

Contract defined technical support and services provided at a fixed monthly rate. Click HERE to learn more about our Managed IT Services.