IT Security

IT threats are vast, ever changing and don’t discriminate between businesses. We are highly active offering superb IT security services. Our #1 priority is to ensure your IT infrastructure remains operational, compliant and risk free.

End Point Protection

You’ve secured your network … but what about the end points that bridge to your network?

Whether you’re browsing the net, on social media, shopping or banking online; your personal data and credit cards are immediately at risk.

As experts in IT security, our #1 goal is to ensure your devices remain protected by eliminating any possibility of risk including cyber threats and data breaches.

We use the most advanced anti-virus tools that provide an Identity Shield on your end-user devices; designed to prevent, detect and remove malware.

Email Security

Businesses rely on email to send and receive data and communications on a day to day basis.

As experts in email security, our #1 goal is to ensure your privacy and the sensitive information contained in your emails remain protected eliminating any possibility of risk including malware, spam and phishing scams.

We use an advanced security software that inspects all incoming emails for malicious threats such as privacy intrusion, identity theft and financial theft. With end-to-end email encryption for outbound emails, mailboxes, data and users remain protected.

Website Protection

Is your website secure? Have you taken the appropriate security measures to protect your website from a cyber attack or a security breach?

If your website is hacked, this could slow or crash your site and visitors will no longer have access. Your sensitive data will be at risk compromising all business and customer information. This will have a detrimental impact on your business.

Multi Factor Authentication

Server Protection

Firewall Protection

Network Layer Security