Network Services

Cisco, Meraki, Juniper, Aruba, HP, Extreme, Sophos.....You name it, we know it!
“The network is the foundation of any reliable IT Infrastructure. Without a good network our applications and productivity suffer.”

Network Design and Management

Supasonic provide network architecture, design and fault finding services. We are one of Australia’s most trusted advisories for the design of proper network solutions for all organisations, small too large. Our industry qualified personnel are some of the best minds in the industry and we fix what the others can’t. Our solutions have been trusted by government, transport, banking, healthcare and utilities companies, just to name a few.

Remote Monitoring and Management

Supasonic provides a comprehensive monitoring environment capable of gathering statistical information from up / down notification to bandwidth utilisation or error detection of your entire network. Our helpdesk will monitor and notify you of potential issues with a faster resolution outcome. Some of our recent projects have included large scale WAN site monitoring, VoIP toll fraud detection, SD-WAN monitoring and more.

Network Auditing and Reporting

Network Auditing provides your organisation with the information you require to make educated decisions on the performance, quality and security of your infrastructure. Supasonic can make recommendations to bring your Network Infrastructure into best practice design.

Software Define Networking (SD-WAN)

SD-WAN is a new take on long standing proven technology. Private carrier networks like MPLS come at a cost. Organisations are always striving to reduce cost and increase performance. SD-WAN achieves this by moving organisations to secure VPN based services over large low cost internet services. Highly encrypted technology allows your organisation to have the benefits of MPLS without the overhead. Talk to us today to find out if SD-WAN is right for your organisation.

WiFi Networks

Are all WiFi systems the same? We know the importance of providing organisations with wireless site surveys and will accurately specify the quantity of Wireless Access Points (WAPs) needed in an organisation. A wireless site survey takes into account the construction material of the building, the saturation of users and many other factors. With this information we will recommend model and quantity of WAPs for your solution.

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